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Ever wondered what is a Pivot Table? Maybe you have accidentally got what you were looking for by trial and error…but it took far too long. Perhaps you have updated existing ones but never created a Pivot Table yourself. Maybe you need a deeper understanding of Pivot Tables or just an overview. Read on….

John Kelly has been training on Microsoft Excel for over 15 years and in this training session he has included all that experience. He will guide you through the initial construction process and gain a deeper understanding of the issues in laying out your report.
You will;
• See how Excel works with different data types
• Learn how to summarise the data into reports and then sort and filter them.
• Learn how to find answers to your business critical questions.
• See what happens when more data is added.
• Understand how easy it is to visually display your results using formatting.
• Find out how simple it is to work with Pivot Charts

All of this in just 60 minutes of your time. It could easily be the best hour ever!!!

Once you have finished you will have a complete insight into the workings of Pivot Tables and how useful they are in the decision making process of todays managers.

Not only that but you will also receive a handout covering the instructions and a practice file so that you can return to it again and again.

Image of John Kelly speaking at an event

John speaking at a recent event.


Course Outline
What will I gain?
A complete understanding of how Pivot Tables are used by today’s manager in making key business decisions.

How Pivot Tables are constructed to present the data logically and interpretable.

How easy it is to turn reports into charts to present your findings to senior management.

How Much does all this cost?
We are running an introductory offer of only £49.99 .

That’s right, for under £50 and 60 minutes of your time you could find out all about Pivot Tables in Excel and save hours of painstaking labour. Produce stunning analysis of your work and make analysing data in Excel a breeze.

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