Excel Dashboards made Easy – FREE Webinar

May. 24th. 10:00 » Nearly Full
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Discover a simple way to summarise data, find the hidden gems within your information and improve decision making

Join this free Fairgold Virtual Classroom online training session, run by our trainer John Kelly and learn, in just 30 minutes, how to quickly set about creating a dashboard.

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You will learn how, with just a few functions, you can create meaningful analysis and present it in a fashion which can easily be interrogated and utilised.

This 30 minute session will show you how to:
• Use Excel functions to analyse data
• Structure your workbook to create an effective layout
• Turn data into charts and much much more
• How to create your dashboard
• Claim your free copy of the sample data to enable you to practice your skills after the course

This is a free training session sponsored by Fairgold Training & Development and numbers are strictly limited.

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