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Organisations can SAVE more if only they knew how!.
London, UK. 23rd Sept 2013

John Kelly today launched his latest initiative to get organisations to Scrutinise And Value Everything to SAVE more. His latest training course focuses on how you can create a Dashboard and use Pivot Tables to monitor your key performance indicators (KPI). Microsoft Excel makes business intelligence relatively straightforward. You can quickly and easily create dashboards to diagnose wastage or find trends. Analyse your data to pinpoint room for improvement and distinguish performance data with ease. Most of all find hidden gems in your data.

As the saying goes “those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”. Why keep making the same mistakes. Perhaps you already have a lean mean organisation but wouldn’t it be great to have that confirmed and by your own data.

Visualising data has become the provider for strategic forward thinking managers in today’s world. This previously was the preserve of specialists who were responsible for either data mining in the sense of consolidating information, analysts who created the reports and data visualisation specialists who made it all legible. Now, with the later versions of Excel, it is possible for any organisation, irrespective of its size or budget to create stunning visualisations of data and present findings to monitor progress.

John goes on to point out that organisations already have paid for Microsoft Excel and there is a general understanding of the product. All that needs to happen is that knowledge needs topping up. His latest course “Dashboards and Pivot Tables, the easy way” aims to have you up and going in no time. The course can be run onsite for teams or on a one to one basis.
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John Kelly is a multi-award winning Microsoft Office Master Instructor offering outstanding group or personalised one-to-one training at a location that suits you. He has been training on a Freelance basis since 1999 and has ran courses around the Globe from a base in London England. John has helped organisations within the full scale from small to large global brands. Whatever the choice of course, you can feel secure, that not only will you enjoy learning at a comfortable pace, in a relaxed environment, you will also gain one of the most experienced trainers today.
Fairgold is the company set up by John. To find out more, please contact John by email, mobile 07939 083648, landline 0208 3500736