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Microsoft Office Master Instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer

John is a double-award winning Microsoft Office Master Instructor offering outstanding
group or personalised one-to-one training at a location that suits you. Whatever your choice of course, you can
feel secure, that not only will you enjoy learning at a comfortable pace, in a relaxed environment, you will also gain one of the most cost effective rates in the UK.

Fairgold is the company set up by John. To find out more, please contact John by email, mobile 07939 083648, landline 0208 3500736

Microsoft Office And Internet courses form the backbone of our computer training services. From basic to advanced features whether it’s formulas in Excel or Pivot Tables and Macros or automated features in Word or PowerPoint we provide all.

Freelance Computer Training on a budget.

You pick the topics and we deliver the course of your choice on or off site to suit your requirements.


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Freelance computer training and consultancy from a name you can trust, Fairgold. Contact us now for more information. Here are my links