Dashboards and Pivot Tables Made Easy!

Who is it for?

This Dashboard and Pivot Table training course is ideal if you need to analyse data or create dashboards in Excel. It will have you up to speed in no time and can be run onsite, on a one to one or classroom basis.

 Download the PDF version hereDownload the PDF version here

Learn how to utilise some of the latest functionality in Excel to easily create Pivot Tables and Dashboards. Monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with ease and speed. An understanding of how to use Excel formulas and functions is required.

What is it about?

Microsoft have added some really neat functionality to Excel in recent versions which greatly enhance the visualisation of data. Presentation with dashboards has never been easier. This means you can interrogate data and present it in a user friendly manner quicker than ever before. Create stunning dashboards with Charts, Sparklines and Tables. Then make the whole thing interactive!. Learn how to create Pivot Tables and then slice and dice your way through them to find key performance indicators which drive effective decision making.

What will I get out of it?

• Confidence in utilising the latest features of Excel to summarise data.
• Learn how to setup a Dashboard from scratch by adding charts and tables
• Best practice for workbook construction
• Utilise visualisation techniques to display trends, Group Data and show performance against target
• Create and update Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts including finding top and bottom views
• Add the latest functionality to slice and dice your way through the data.
What will I learn?
• Where to start with dashboards
• Structuring your work
• The anatomy of a chart
• Creating and editing various charts types to effectively present the data.
• Beyond charts other visualisation techniques
• Adding linked tables to your dashboard.
• Effective use of Conditional Formatting.
• Creating and updating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
• Master the conditional formatting features to highlight trends in your data.
• Add interactive controls and create a user interface so others can perform analysis
• How to use the latest COUNT functions introduced in Excel 2007 and 2010 to maximum effect

There will be a workshop session at the end (time permitting) to look at specific needs of each delegate if required.

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