Macros in Excel – Explained

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Who is it for ?

Have you ever wondered how to setup a macro in Excel?. This one hour session will guide you through the steps and have you setting up your own macros in no time. Particularly useful if you want to speed up your Excel work.

What is it about?

Starting with the basics John will guide you through recording a first macro. You will discover how to view and edit code in the VBA window. Then you will learn how to create buttons to run your new macros. Then download the practice file and run-through your new found skills.

Places strictly limited


Getting going with Macros
• The Developer Tab.
• Starting and stopping the recorder
• •Use the macro recorder to create a variety of macros
Beyond the Basics
• Viewing the code in the code window
• Working with Absolute References
• Relative referencing
• Some useful examples

Running your macros
• Creating Buttons on the Sheet to run your macros
• Running your macros from Icons on the Quick Access Toolbar

Tackling a project
• Where to Start
• Adding Remarks to your code
• Joining your code in the code window.
• Debugging your code
Forms controls
• Forms versus Active X Controls
• Adding Forms controls to a spreadsheet
• Format Controls
What’s Next
• Tips for Success
• Download the Workbook
• Download the Practice file
• Q & A

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