Conversion to the New Office


This taster webinar is designed to assist if you have recently moved from Office 2003 or earlier and would like to convert your skills to the new version. It also focuses on swapping information with legacy systems and is really useful for working in a mixed version environment.

Microsoft Office has a complete new interface. This new interface can seem confusing at first glance. However, the ribbon layout and new features in Office Word make producing professional documents a breeze and stunning presentations in PowerPoint a pleasure. This course gives you some idea of how much has really changed. Once you have seen how it works you will be delighted with the changes Microsoft has made.

Using Microsoft Word Interface

• How to Master the Ribbon
• The Backstage View
• What else is new?
• Utilising the Navigation Pane
• New Keyboard Shortcuts
• Working with Contextual Tabs
• Apply quick styles to format documents
• Adding pictures to your document
• Adding tables to your document
• Quickly apply document themes to ensure a professional and consistent document design

What do I get out of it?
• An appreciation of the layout of the user interface in new Ribbon
• An idea of whether this style of delivery ie Webinars are beneficial to you.

Typical Duration: 30 Mins delivered in our Live Virtual Classroom

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Fairgold Live Virtual classroom is an online training room where you can attend a course without moving from your desk. It is an increasingly popular alternative to face-to-face learning because of the appeal of travel / time and cost savings as well as the quick deployment of training.

• Short Burst Training – can be more easily incorporated into a working day.
• No Travel – Time taken out to travel to and from a venue is eliminated
• More Cost effective – a fraction of what it would cost to go on a day course.
• Easier to schedule – Wider variety of time slots available including evening and weekend.
• Feel the benefit straight away.