Dashboard and Pivot Table Expert

Who is it for? Seriously Strong and not for the faint hearted!
Become the organisations resident expert on Dashboards and Pivot tables. Find out how to use Excels PowerPivot to build a complex data cube, how to handle missing data in your charts or plot combination charts, how to create stunning visualisations of your data which clearly demonstrate trends. Every organisations efficiency slows if you can’t find answers to your business intelligence questions. This course will enable you to leverage advanced Excel functionality and manage your Business Intelligence.
What is it about?
Business Intelligence is about turning large amounts of data into meaningful knowledge. Until recently this was considered a complex job for specialist tools/people. However, todays managers are utilising Excel for this purpose for three reasons 1) because they can leverage existing Excel knowledge within the organisation, 2) Excels flexibility means you can create interactive dashboards which allow the user to drill down through the analysis quickly, 3) because of Excels functionality the role of analyst can be carried at anyone or everyone giving the freedom to all managers to create their own visualisations. This course is about giving users the power to master the functionality by setting up the data , creating staging tables for analysis and then using these tables to feed stunning visualisations.
What will I get out of it?
Confidence in utilising advanced Pivot Table functionality to really get to grips with your data. Learn how useful the PowerPivot feature is to create linked tables and summarise data. Learn how to setup a Dashboard adding charts and tables and a multitude of other visualisation techniques. Find out how to make your dashboard interactive by adding dropdowns and other controls. Understand how you can utilise the latest functionality to slice and dice your way through data.

What will I learn?

Session 1 Getting Going
• Introducing Excel tools
• Where to start with dashboards
• Structuring your work

Session 2 Charts
• The anatomy of a chart
• Creating and editing various charts types to effectively present the data.
• Advanced editing of charts

• Handling Missing Data
• Plotting Combination Charts
• Automatically updating charts
Session 3 Other Visualisation Techniques
• Beyond charts other visualisation techniques
• How to use the latest COUNT functions introduced in Excel 2007 and 2010 to maximum effect
• Sparklines
• Adding linked tables to your dashboard.
• Effective use of Conditional Formatting.

Session 4 Pivot Tables –Recap
• Creating and updating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
• Grouping fields for trend analysis
• Filtering the Pivot table to find the best performing 10
• Adding formulas to Pivot Tables

Session 5 PowerPivot
• What is PowerPivot
• Defining relationships between tables
• Cross table analysis

Session 6 Automating your Dashboards
• Add interactive controls
• Adding dropdown list and tick box controls to create a user interface so others can perform analysis


There will be a Q&A workshop session at the end (time permitting) to look at specific needs of each delegate if required.