VLookup, IF and Auditing in Excel – Webinar

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Have you inherited a spreadsheet with formulas you don’t get? Would you like to understand Lookups and their many uses? Have you ever wondered how “IF” statements work?
Did you know there are loads of Auditing features in Excel to help you if you have just taken over a new role or been sent a spreadsheet with formulas you can’t figure out?
What is it about?
It’s an old saying but still relevant today ‘Garbage in Garbage out’ or put another way – if you let people type anything into a spreadsheet they probably will do just that. This interactive webinar will give you a complete understanding of the Excel tools to assist in Auditing data to find erroneous entries.

VLookup / Hlookup
• Lookups – getting going.
• VLookup ‘v’ Hlookup
• Range and Exact Match types
• Dealing with Errors such as #n/a
• ISError functions
IF Statements
• IF statements construction
• If statements for Text and Formulas
• Dealing with Blanks or Producing Blanks
• IF Statements and ISError & Lookups
• Introduction to Auditing Features
• Excel default Error Checker
• Manual error checking
• Tracking back and finding precedents
• Tracking forward to find dependants
• Evaluating Formulae a step at a time
• What is a watch window?
Data Validation
• Applying Validation to a Range
• Beyond basics Retrospective Validation
Range Names
• Range Names Explained
• Rules for Range Names
• Dynamic Range Names Explained
• Q & A

What do I get out of it?
• Get a deeper understanding of how, where and when to apply lookups ( and when it’s a bad approach).
• How to get Excel to make decisions using logical functions.
• Some great use of the auditing features in Excel to find flaws in your formulae
• Some really neat ‘Tips and Tricks’ for speeding up your work and making it much more intuitive with
Range Names and lots more…

Typical Duration: 60 Mins delivered in our Live Virtual Classroom (Incl 15 min Q & A at the end)